Care Instructions and Warranty

Touche le Mirage is a long-lasting device that requires no additional maintenance costs, wires or batteries, etc., and only requires minimal care to keep it in perfect condition.To clean it, simply place the gem under running water for a few seconds and allow to dry before storing it in its exclusive box.

Each Touche le Mirage device is identified with a unique serial number that serves as a warranty which covers any damage that may occur after using the device correctly.

Touche le Mirage provides a technical service for verifying incidents and diagnosing the damage and its cause in order to guarantee the quality of devices that have been used correctly and were properly cared for. Do not forget to keep the receipt as a guarantee.

Remember to follow these simple steps:

  • The device should not be tapped on any other surface other than the hand, as knocks can alter its effectiveness and cause the gem that transmits the vibrations to the skin to break or become detached.
  • Do not tamper with the prongs of the device or open or close them as this will cause the device to lose its unique frequency and render it ineffective.
  • Avoid dropping the device. As it is a precision piece, any falls or knocks can significantly alter its effectiveness and cause loss of vibration.